Gatorpay - payment method for Full Tilt Poker

The important thing to realize about the payment processors as they exist in the world today is that there are so many of them now that choosing the right one to use with online poker and casino websites is not only a matter of necessity and functionality, but also it can actually become a matter of preference as well. This is why so many online casinos will accept so many different payment options and one of the options that have been steadily increasing in their estimation is a payment processor known as Gatorpay.

Gatorpay is that it is not really a payment processor; at least it is not a payment processor in the way that the vast majority of the online gambling community has come to understand payment processors. Whatever payment processor you have used in the past to play at online casinos , the way that they functioned was to facilitate payments between your bank account and your online gambling website vendor through the use of some 3rd party software that would securely transfer funds back and forth. Now, in a lot of cases, this ended up being extremely expensive because the payment processors would take a cut of what you got and in some cases that cut might be as much as 10%; certainly not an amount that is trivial.

Gatorpay fees

Things are different with Gatorpay however. Yes, there are fees, but the only fees that you are going to have to worry about are flat rates, which means that the percentage of the transaction taken up by fees gets progressively smaller as you move larger amounts of money. Furthermore, the largest amount of money that you will pay with Gatorpay is $2.50 (for a withdrawal to an ATM card from your Gatorpay card), which means that all you need to do is move $25 or more in funds to make a pretty good deal on the transaction as a whole.

How Gatorpay works?

So, now that you see the fees advantage that Gatorpay provides over the competition, it is time to learn exactly how it works. The way that Gatorpay works is quite simple; it works like a normal phone card. In fact, many of the rates that you see on the Gatorpay website come specifically from the fact that the primary use of Gatorpay cards are for making phone calls. However, you can actually transfer money from your Gatorpay cards to other sources and one of those sources happens to be a number of online poker and casino websites; a transfer that in many cases will actually be completely free to do. If you've ever used Add-Funds , or Fonelinx you'll find Gatorpay very familiar.

This is really where the Gatorpay difference comes into play. If you want to have a card that is easy to use, portable anywhere in the world and can be used to very quickly, easily and cheaply transfer funds back and forth between the card and your online gambling websites, then the Gatorpay card is exactly what you want. It is also backed up by a top notch support team that will be able to help you resolve any problems that might come up during the course of your use of the card.

Gatorpay poker rooms

Gatorpay is a new payment method, so it's penetration to the market just started. The first poker room enabling Gatorpay is Full Tilt poker. Where can US players play online poker with Gatorpay? This is by far, the only poker room where you can enjoy the Gatorpay benefits.

Gatorpay online casinos

None from the online casino vendors adopted Gatorpay yet. We are monitoring the situation and as soon as the first Gatorpay online casino appears you may be the first to know. All you have to do is visit this page later and you may be within the early adopters of the Gatorpay in the wonderful online casino world. Stay tuned!