Grail Maiden Slots

Some of the best slots games have classic looks and set ups that take you way into the past, and Grail Maiden Slots is one such game.

As you will see it works slightly differently to some other slots games though, so make sure you download and play Grail Maiden Slots to see what you think. Could you get lucky by trying this game for size?

How many reels and paylines does it have?

This game has five reels and it might look very similar to many other slots games you would have seen elsewhere. But in reality there are no paylines here at all.

Instead of those, you will soon realize that the symbols pay no matter what order they are in. So whereas normally you would see payouts from left to right, with this game you will see them in the opposite order as well. It takes a little getting used to but it definitely spices things up!

What kind of symbols are in play in Grail Maiden Slots?

The normal aces, kings, queens and so on will be seen in this game. But you also have a grail maiden symbol which acts as the scatter symbol. There is also a symbol of the grail which acts as the wild symbol.

Watch out for the knight and the maiden who also pop up on the reels here.

How much can you wager on this game?

You can keep to a lower budget with this game because the amounts you can wager go from a cent to a dollar. And with no paylines to focus on you can instead look at the number of coins per spin to bet instead. This will be a minimum of twenty five coins, so if you are betting one cent it will be twenty five cents minimum for a spin.

What else should you expect?

The main thing is to get used to the way the game pays out. Once you have this settled you can really enjoy the game and how it plays. There may not be a progressive jackpot here but there is a bonus game and there is plenty to look forward to as well.

So if you fancy trying to grab the grail, why not try this game now? It could be the best thing you ever do, as the maximum win is one thousand coins. Multiply that by the number of coins you play on a spin and you can see how much you could win.