Introducing Battlestar Galactic Slots from Microgaming

Sci-fi fans rejoice. Microgaming and NBC announced plans to turn Battlestar Galactica into a new slot game. Due out before the year's end, the game is going to capture the allure of the popular 70's television series that has developed quite a following. In 2004, Sky Television brought the series back to the limelight, and the SyFy network picked it up. The new take on this classic show won a number of Peabody and Emmy awards. With thousands of followers, the cash slots game is sure to be a success.

Battlestar Galactica's Storyline Explained

Battlestar Galactica shares the lives of humans that migrate to their ancestor's homeworld, Kobol. The humans from the Twelve Colonies are at war with Cylons, a group of cyborgs who want all humans eradicated. After the Cylons attack destroys most starships and colonies, the Battlestar Galactica is the only thing to survive. The commander leads survivors in a quest to discover if the legend of a thirteenth colony is true. The exciting premise and wide range of characters are certain to be key players in the news slot game.

The CEO of Microgaming assured long-time fans of the show that the game will stay true to the series, while also appealing to the Microgaming crowd who want excitement and huge prizes. Look for the game by the holidays.

About Microgaming

Microgaming launched in 1994 and has since been a leader in creating exciting games for both land-based and online casinos. With a library of more than 300 slot games, including the popular Tomb Raider series, and more than 300 other casino games, the company has plenty to offer members of their favorite online casino for real money.

Microgaming currently doesn't supply games to US legal casinos, if you are from the US and want other space-themed slots, Arrival slots is a good place to start.

About NBC Universal

NBC Universal is a long-running music, television, and movie network based in New York City. The company is the results of a merger between NBC and Universal Studios in 2004. Their channel line-up also includes Bravo, Chiller, Cloo, CNBC, E! Entertainment, G4, MSNBC, Mun2, Oxygen, ShopNBC, Style, SyFy, Telemundo, and USA.