Arrival Slots

If alien theme-based slots are your bag, then you will definitely want to play Arrival Slots at Drake Casino. The aliens in this slot are like nothing you've ever seen. The main storyline is for the hunk marine to save the blond scientist - and you can help in this interactive slot. There are plenty of bonus features as well as a R2D2-like robot gone amok! It's fun, easy, and will amass you lots of money playing this 50 cent slot.

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 30-pay line bonus video slot, Arrival Slots has an animated alien at the controls and who, when you win big, does something you will least expect. Coin denominations are 2 cents, 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, and 50 cents, with a max bet of 150 coins. Thus, you can enjoy this game for several hours due to the wonderful sound track emanating from the slot machine. With a max jackpot of 5000 coins, you can earn more when the various symbols form winning combinations. So be sure to read the pay table to view the different payouts and bonus features.

Don't Beam Me Up Yet, Scottie!

The symbols in Arrival Slots include: the handsome marine, the blond scientist, a pink alien, an R2D2-like robot (who waves at ya), a space ship, ray gun, planet, Space Marine Corps badge, an unknown green symbol, and a mini spaceship. But the alien at the controls is the guy you will want to keep your eye on because he is the one who can win you big bucks. When he appears three or more times, one of the rows will open up and expand to show that you have won 4 free spins. After the round is over, watch and see what this very weird alien does!

The Ray Gun Bonus Round

When you get three or more ray gun symbols, you will activate the UFO Bonus Round. Here you will be shown three space ships. You get to help the marine shoot down only one. So choose wisely, as each of the three ships is valued at different prize levels.

Help Save the Scientist!

When you get three or more blond scientist symbols, you will be taken to a room in which the woman is encased in a sphere with the alien at the top right of the screen working the controls to harm her brain. Meanwhile, the marine is at the bottom left of the screen also working the controls to save her. Next to him are six red buttons. Your mission is to click on each of the buttons until the woman is released from the sphere. Once she is, you will receive your grand prize award.

Play Arrival Slots

It's interesting that the alien in control in this slot game is called The Brain. You will no doubt have to use yours to not only win substantially, but help save the woman as well. Play Arrival Slots at Drake Casino. It is well worth your time, no matter how long you have to look at these alien creatures!