Jester’s Wild Slots

The new Jester's Wild Video Slot is a hoot! The introduction brings you an Irish melody that will have you tapping your feet in no time. To give you an idea of the popularity of this game, after the terrific intro, you will be taken to another screen where you will be told that with "one spin you could win $60,000; that if you spin that up to a 5x m multiplier, you can win $360,000." You will also be told that in this new slot game you will find Free Spins, A Spin-Up Feature, and Jester's Wild Bonus.

Game Facts

Unlike any slot machine you've ever seen, Jester's Wild Video Slot's symbols are made up of cards - not the kind you see in most slot machines - but full size cards. The coin denominations range from one cent to $5, with a max bet of $450. Yes, this is high stakes, but well worth it. And if you can't afford this premium slot, use any one of the smaller denominations and we promise you will still enjoy this slot game. As we stated at the beginning, the jackpot can be worth up to $360,000! Jester's Wild Video is a 3-reel, 30-payline bonus video slot that will absolutely astound you.

No Joking with the Jester

The symbols in Jester's Wild Video Slot contain the following: The Joker is wild and substitutes for all other symbols except the scatter. Five jokers will yield 4000 coins. Also included are the Ace of Diamond, a Roulette Wheel, Dice, a Classic Slot Machine, a King, a Queen, a Jack, a Ten, and a Nine. The Jester is another symbol that, when appearing on the center reel, will activate the Jester Bonus Feature.

The Scatter Symbol is Wheely Fabulous!

When you get three or more scatter symbols in any position on the reels, this will trigger the Free Spins feature. Now here's where it really gets to be fun. First, you will be awarded the entry level 1. However, a spinning wheel will appear in which it will be determined what your multiplier will be. Then once that is determined, another wheel will appear in which you will spin to find out how many Free Spins you will receive. You can win up to 32 free spins and up to a 6xs multiplier. I won ten free spins with a 4xs multiplier. Also note that you can win even more free spins when the scatters appear during this round.

The Spin-Up Your Win Feature

This spin-up feature occurs during the free spins round. After each win, you can click on Spin Up located to the left of the SPIN button. Your current win will be shown in a box on the left. Spin the wheel and you can either double your prize up to 5xs or 0 times. I had $1200 and I spun the wheel and did hit the zero. So I lost the $1200.

The Jester Bonus Feature

When you get the Jester on the center reel, the bonus feature will commence. Here, the Jester will randomly replace 4 symbols on the reels with the Wild symbol for a total of FIVE wild symbols. This can occur during regular play and the free spin round.

Play Jester's Wild Video Slot

I LOVE this slot game. There are so many different ways you can win, that it's quite ridiculous. Play Jester's Wild Video Slot at our featured casino. You'll become quite addicted to it!