Knockout Slots

Knockout Slots is an amazing new offering by Wizard Gaming. Those who are fond of boxing matches and cage fighting will surely take a liking to this new entry into the slots world, for it definitely lives up to its moniker. Knockout Slots is a five reel, fifteen-line game packed full of power and punches for a full fifteen rounds of excitement and fun.

Realistic Icons Make Knockout Slots Sing

Icon symbols for the game include boxers in various poses who are also showing various emotions. There is a World Champion Belt icon symbol, a referee symbol, a symbol representing the requisite pretty girl who struts around carrying a sign with the round number on it, a punching bag, boxing glove, microphone, and what seems to be a lookalike of Don King, the famous boxing promoter. Players are given the chance to ply for fun or for real money.

Great Graphics and Jumping Jackpots

As boxing games go, this one looks pretty good, technically well above the "rock 'em sock 'em robots" graphics that so many eagerly anticipated boxing games featured. The minimum coin size is $0.01, while the maximum coin size is $1.00. Maximum coins per bet total 150. The first jackpot in Knockout Slots is $2000, while the second jackpot is $500. Game speed is adjustable, which can be a good thing.

The Lucky Bonus Symbol

The Boxing glove icon symbol is a bonus symbol. If a player is lucky enough to see it pop up on the second, third, and fourth reels, then they will be transported to the Knockout Bonus Game. To play, you much choose between six different icons shaped like stars. Revealed behind these stars are bonus awards, and when a player wins one of these awards, he or she is allowed to choose another star. If by chance the player chooses the star hiding the jackpot, then they have won all of the bonus amounts and will return to regular game play. Those who choose the wrong star do not win a bonus, and immediately continue the regular game.

The Wild Symbol Packs a Punch

The Wild symbol for Knockout Slots is the Bearded Boxer. It can be used to finish off winning combos on a payline that is enabled, but cannot be used along with scatter symbols to do so. Knockout Slots is a knockout game that any sports aficionado will appreciate and enjoy.