Incognito Poker

Ignition Casino itself is one of the best platforms for online poker period. They're dedicated to online table poker and give players the versatility and freedom to play their way. When Ignition Casino launched in 2016, they used their resources to finely craft a poker section unlike any other. Because Ignition Poker is one of the best US real money poker sites, with some of the best poker software in the entire industry, their network has expanded past the US. Players in Australia also love Ignition Casino, and for a valid reason - the banking system is effortless. You can enjoy fast and secure withdrawals and deposits. You can bank with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and no fees are charged for deposits or withdrawals.

What Is Incognito Poker and What Are The Benefits?

With Incognito Poker, You can play anonymously without revealing your identity to anyone you're playing with. Players can make up an anonymous screen name to hide their identity, much like you can with other websites. This method will both protect your privacy and prevent you from being targeted by other players. Playing for real money can make players uneasy, especially if you're a high roller and don't want other players to know your full name! You can protect yourself from any potential scams or fraudulent activity. You can avoid hackers or even being targeted specifically by scammers. After all, you never know who is watching. Incognito Poker can also ensure a fair game, as players cannot collude with other players or target a specific player.

Predatory poker players can become a problem, and many players use heads-up displays to their advantage. If you play at Ignition, you can eliminate that threat. There is a level field because no playing history is available to your opponents. You could be new to poker or be an experienced player - you'll look the same to everyone. Another benefit is no tracking software is exposing your gameplay or history, and because this is so anonymous, and you relatively know nothing about the other players around you, it'll truly aid in building your poker skills for the next time you decide to play an in-person game.

Anonymous Tables

Many poker players are turning away from heads-up displays, because they hinder the game. HUDS keeps track of your history, so that means other players have access to information about every game you've ever played, every hand you've ever played, every decision you've ever made and more. Other players can learn to anticipate your moves, and keep track of your patterns and use them to their advantage. This is why anonymous poker is so valuable.

Anonymous Tournaments

You can play all matches anonymously - and that includes when you participate in a tournament. While all tournament players are assigned a number that the other players will have access to throughout the tournament, all of your history will still be guarded and protected. Anonymous tournament tables create a more trustworthy and fair gambling experience, and your past is safe from being exposed to other players.

Play Strategies

Most experienced poker players either use exploitative tactics to win or game-theory optimal (GTO) If they use the exploitative technique, it means they're using every mistake an opponent makes to their advantage. This style is often used by players who play with HUDs.

If you use GTO, you're definitely using your brain a bit more. This strategy is harder to master, but pays off because it can be used even during anonymous games. This technique looks at the mathematical ratios between bet size and pot size, and uses that information to deduct and determine the strength of the possible hands in the game. This also protects the player from being exploited by other players, and is perfect for live casino matches. Many experienced poker fans blend the two styles together.