Lotto Mania Slots

If you play the daily Lotto, either the 3 number or 4 number pick; you will most likely see a spokesperson from Lotto on TV calling out the numbers. Well, get ready because there is a new slot game called Lotto Mania Slots in which one of the bonus features includes a woman calling out the numbers as the Lotto balls drop into their individual slots. But in this slot game, there are 5 numbers chosen instead of the usual 3 or 4.

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 25-payline bonus video slot, Lotto Mania is one of the most colorful slots we've seen. With a jackpot of 8000 coins, the coin denominations start at a penny, making it one of the most accessible slots online and one of the most fun to play as well. Be sure to read the pay table as it contains all the information you need to make this a successful and lucrative winning slot.

Let's Play Lotto!

The symbols in Lotto Mania totally reflect the games theme and include: three women and a man, five colored lotto balls, the wild symbol - a pig, the scatter symbol - a bottle of champagne, and the bonus symbol - lotto balls inside a glass dome. The wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols to form winning combinations. It does not substitute for the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol will trigger the free spins bonus round, and the bonus symbol will activate the Lotto Maniac Bonus Game.

Free Spins Bonus Round

To trigger the free spins bonus round, you need to get three or more scatter symbols. Once you do, you can win from 5 to 25 free spins. This is a fun round to play as everything changes on the slot machine. The background colors, music, and the speed by which the reels turn all are turned up a notch during this round. When the free spins round is over, a Congratulations Screen will pop up with the total amount you've won.

Lotto Maniac Bonus Game

Get three or more bonus symbols to activate the Lotto Maniac Bonus Game. Here you will be greeted by the Lotto numbers caller, a beautiful woman, who will welcome you just as it is done on TV. In this game, you will press the red button and the balls will begin spinning. You will receive one ball per spin. The value of the ball will be displayed in the panel on the left. There are five slots available for 5 balls. At the end of the bonus game, another congratulations sign will pop up and your total wins will be calculated.

Play Lotto Mania Slots

We call upon all Lotto players to come and play Lotto Mania Slots at our featured casino. The slot game is unique, colorful, fun, and offers you a chance to secure big wins during each of the bonus games.