My Casino Coupons

Jackpot Capital Casino is offering a special My Coupons that you can choose and redeem. To receive these coupons, simply log in to Jackpot Capital Casino, go to available coupons on the main page, choose the ones you wish to redeem, and then click the redeem button to get your bonus at the casino cashier.

Example of the My Coupons Bonus

A sample of this coupon may have a heading such as Birthday Bonus, and it will consist of the Bonus Amount, Promo Name, Bonus Type, Coupon Code, Play through, and how long it will be valid.


The system updates your My Coupons hourly; for update inconsistencies' check back regularly until issues are resolved. As per the existing terms and conditions, players can only have one active coupon at a time. You will still need to complete the play through requirements on any redeemed coupon before you can successfully redeem another coupon. My Coupons supports all coupons that are related to the information on Jackpot Capital's Promotion Page. It is possible that an available coupon in your My Coupons page will be already redeemed by you. Please return in approximately 1 hour when the page is updated. My Coupons only supports players that have had activity in the past 90 days. The availability of coupons is in conjunction with coupon code availability as stated on the Jackpot Capital Casino's website.

Join Jackpot Capital Casino and participate in their new My Coupons bonuses.