Which Online Casino Pays Out The Most?

This is a very interesting question since most of the top online casinos offer a RTP, which is the Return to Player percentage, range between 93% and 98%. Many of the top online casinos will provide you with the RTP percentage, while others may not. But this is an important number for online players, especially from the US. So to answer the question, our research shows that Liberty Slots Casino, our #1 online casino for US players, has the highest RTP percentage rate. But because there are other online casinos with payouts in the 98% range, we have also listed them for you as well.

Online Casinos vs. Land-Based Casinos

Land-based casinos have one of the lowest RTP percentages ranging from 70% to 80%. On the other hand, you will find that most online casinos have a RTP rate that is 10-18% higher than land-based casinos. My sources also tell me that playing at an online casino with an RTP rate of less than 90% is not a good idea.