How Do You Win At Craps?

With Blackjack having the lowest house, it is Craps that comes in second. So how do you win at Craps? This is not a game I am too familiar with, so I am depending on my sources to help me guide you through the process.

Playing the Game

The first thing you should know about Craps is to make safe bets. While are a myriad of ways you can bet on craps, the best bets are the safe and more simple bets. The Pass Bet is one of the safest. It has a house edge of approximately 1.4%. This type of bet gives you even money when you win (1:1 odds). So if you bet $20, you win $20. When making a pass bet, if the person who throws out a 7 or 11, you win. If any other number comes out, you lose. This other number would become the “point” number, meaning that the player would have to roll the point before a 7 is rolled. If he or she rolls a 7 before the point number, you lose. If he rolls the point number, you will.

Don’t Pass Bets Have the Lowest House Edge

The house edge for a don’t pass bet is approximately 1.3%. In the don’t pass bet, if the player rolls a 2 or 3, you win. If a 7 or 11 comes out, you lose. If a double 6 comes out, you’re safe. Once again if the point is made and a 7 is rolled before the point, you win. The opposite of this is a loss.

Odd Bets

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to win in Craps since the house has no edge on odd bets. Note, however, that in order to make an odds bet, you would also have to make an original bet as well. First, you make the bet on any given number. The player throws the dice and comes up with an 8. This is the point number. So just like before, he would have to make the point before he rolls a 7 in order for you to win. The odds bet pays 2:1 on the following points: 4 and 10; the odds are 3:2 on numbers 5 and 9; and the 6:5 on numbers 6 and 8.

Laying the Odds

When you make an odds bet after a don’t pass bet, this is known as laying the odds; the complete opposite of normal odds bets. In this case you are betting that a 7 will come out before the point.

Online Casino Tutorials

There are many online casino tutorials you can peruse to learn how to play Craps. I thank Slots of Vegas Casino for providing me with concise information on how to play the game.