What Is The Payout Percentage Of Slot Machines?

This is a question that has a two-sided answer. We know for a fact that Liberty Slots Casino has the highest Return to Player or Payout Percentage on all casino games. Therefore, you can conclude that slots will have the same percentage. The other side of the coin is that casinos don’t want you to know, in general, what the slot machine’s payout percentage is because then they will certainly lose money on that machine. Basically, what you have to rely on is the casino’s return to player percentage such as Liberty Slots who has a return to player of 98.41%. On average, land-based casinos pay out less than online casinos: 70% to 80%.

Payout Percentages and the Law

Payout percentages have to be set in accordance with local laws. In Minnesota, for example, their casinos must pay out between 80% and 95%. In New Jersey, the payout percentage is 83%, and in Nevada, the percentage is 75% at land-based casinos.

Not All Slot Machines Are the Same

I wrote an article about Loose Slots. They have the highest RTP than any other slot game. But the problem is that most players do not know what slots are loose or not.

How Can I Find a Loose Slot

Casinos will normally inform their members that they have loose slots. The problem is they won’t tell you the name of the slot. The problem with loose slots is that not all machines are equal as far as payout percentages are concerned. The RTP varies from slot to slot. In fact, if you do come upon a machine with a high RTP, the casino will most likely move that slot to another area.

Check Out the Payout Percentages at Online Casinos

All RTP percentages that are allowed by law are usually posted at many online casinos. These casinos cannot go below the minimum payout percentage, however, not all states have a minimum percentage rate and, moreover, some are not required by law to disclose their rates. This mostly applies to Indian casinos that regulate their own casinos.

RTP Casinos for US Players

Once again, here are the top RTP Percentages for US Casinos: