How tough is it to join Posh Casino?

We recently wrote a review of Posh Casino, and frankly, it was tough to write. The word "tough" in the title and in this news article says it all. In order to join Posh Casino, you have to enter your Invitation Code. This implies that you somehow have to be invited to join. By any other word this is hogwash. Can you think of one online casino that you cannot access without an invitation? We certainly can't. If the only way to join Posh is to be invited then we say, thanks but no thanks.

How Does an Invitation Code Serve Online Players?

It doesn't, at least not in this century. We really cannot understand the purpose of having to enter an invitation code. Many sites with comments made by players who want to join Posh Casino are negative. In fact, you can read the frustration in their statements. Does Posh Casino offer a golden gateway to riches? We think not. Moreover, there have been a handful of players who have somehow gotten the invitation code, but the terms and conditions of this online casino are ridiculous. Players tell us that withdrawals take too long; there are numbers conditions placed on the $500 the casino offers and more bad news for players.

Why is Posh Casino Asking for Personal Information?

In my recent review, I iterated that "Posh Casino asks for personal information, credit card number, a Legal Statement that you have to sign, and an imprint of your credit card to be placed onto their form. They do have a toll free phone number or a fax number you can use for this form." What the heck is that all about?

Join Other Well-Known Casinos that have been rated the Top 10 for US Players

Posh Casino, in our view, is a bust. We therefore invite you to check out sunshine-slots, where we have listed the top ten US casinos, and more. There is no need for a special invitation. These casinos have been around for quite some time, and the quality of these casinos cannot be beat. So Pish Posh to Posh Casino.