How Can I Play Online Slots for Real Money Prizes?

There are several components to this question. First, find an online casino that suits all your needs. (This won’t be difficult since we have reviewed thousands of casinos, and weeded out the top 10 US casinos). Second, many of our top 10 casinos allow you to practice play slots. Click on any slot on the main page. You will be taken to the casino lobby. Here you will log in as a new user with a username and password, and you will be given a numbered account immediately via email. Then log back in with your unique account number and your password. The lobby area will open and you will find the categories of games to the left. Click on the Slots category. You will be shown all of the categories of slot games; from 3-reel to 5-reel to progressive slots. Just click on any one of them and you can practice play. This is the best way to learn how any slot you play operates. To assist you in this endeavor, be sure to read the pay table of any slot game you play so that you know how much money you can win, particularly when it comes to jackpots.

Playing for Real Money

Once you have become familiar with the game(s) you have played in the practice mode, you can begin to play for real money directly from the lobby area. You will need to re-register again will all the information required. You can then go to the Banking area where you can make your first deposit. Once you have done that, you’re good to go. Many of our top online casinos utilize Bitcoins. This is now the safest and most secure form of banking. Moreover, some online casinos offer bonuses when you make deposits using Bitcoins. The casino will also give you instructions on how to obtain and deposit these Bitcoins.

Welcome Bonus and Promotions

As a new player at your preferred casino, you will receive a myriad of welcome bonuses and promotions once you have made your deposit. These bonuses and promotions will go into your account. In essence, you will begin your game play with the casino’s money. The amount of the deposit required will be given to you when you visit the Promotions page.