Double Exposure Blackjack

When playing blackjack, suffice to say knowing the face down card of the dealer can have its advantages. Devilfish Casino just introduced a new online blackjack wherein you will see both of the dealer’s cards. The game is called Double Exposure Blackjack. As you know, in the regular game of blackjack, one of the dealer’s cards is shown and the two cards the player is dealt are exposed. But, in Double Exposure Blackjack, to be able to view the dealer’s cards gives the player an obvious edge. The player can then make a better decision whether to hit, stay, double down, or split; moves a player may or not make in regular blackjack play. Double Exposure Blackjack revolutionizes the game of blackjack and puts both dealer and player on equal footing.

European Masters of Blackjack Event

As part of Devilfish’s launch of Double Exposure Blackjack, there will also be a major promotion for the European Masters of Blackjack event that will take place in Bulgaria from July 18th through August 1. Six players will compete for the title and Devilfish will also promote this event by awarding two seats to players who have the best payout percentage as well as the player who plays the most blackjack in a month. The seats to the event will be won in March, April and May.