What Is Return To Player?

In my recent articles concerning online casino game play, I have often mentioned the term Return to Player or RTP. This is perhaps the most single piece of information online players should know about. Return to Player is the percentage of payouts that are given for online casino game wins. For example, if you are playing at Liberty Slots Casino , their highest rate of return is 98.41%. They are the top online casino for US players offering the highest RTP percentage.

What is the Importance of RTP?

Not every casino offers a 98% or more percentage rate. In fact, in addition to Liberty Slots Casino RTP of 98.41%, I have offered a list of the casinos that payout in the 98 percentile range. I also pointed out that playing at a casino with a RTP of 90% or lower is not a good idea. Now we all now by now that the casino takes a cut out of the RTP on all casino games, and the rest of the percentage is returned to the player. The cut can be as low as 2% or as high as 10% or more. So before you play any game at an online casino, try to determine the RTP percentage rate so that you will receive the best return on your money.

Once again, here are the top RTP Percentages for US Casinos:

Some online casinos will show their RTP; others will not and/or you may have a hard time finding the RTP. Remember, too, that not all online casinos are equal. The competition for your membership is at an all time high. This is why we have on our site the top US casinos, the top slot games, and more. It is to give you an opportunity to join, play, and win.