What Is Max Bet?
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A max bet is a bet in which you are wagering the total amount set for a particular slot game. Here’s an example. Here’s an example: a 20 line slot with the option to bet 10 coins per line has a 200 coin max bet. Here’s another example. Let’s say you are playing a classic slot in which the max number of coins you can bet is 3. If the top jackpot pays out 3,000 coins if you wager 3 coins; then that is the max bet.

When Is It Not a Good Idea to Bet the Max?

Unless you are a high roller, most online players cannot afford to bet the max of $500 per spin or even $1500 per spin regardless of whether the slot is a progressive or jackpot slot. So what you do is to look at the coin denominations at the bottom of the slot game. It will show you, for example, that you can bet from 1 cent to whatever the max amount is for that slot game. Then what you can do is to look at the pay table and see what the symbols are paying out. This will determine how much you want to bet and can afford to bet.

How do I Set the Slot Machine to Max Bet?

Simple, every slot machine has a Max Bet button. You don’t have to deal with the coin denominations side of the slot machine. Just click on Bet Max and that will be your bet for the duration of the spin. However, if you have played slot games before, you know how fast you can lose tons of money especially at an online casino where you use the Auto Play button. You can easily lose hundreds of dollars in minutes. In this case, go back to the coin denominations section and choose a lower bet.

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