What Game Pays Out The Most At A Casino?

Out of all the questions asked about online gambling and/or land-based gambling, the title of this article is the most frequently at the top of the list. The answer is still the same - Blackjack pays out the most at a casino. Coming in second is Baccarat; third is Craps; and fourth is Roulette; with slots coming in at a very weak fifth (according to experts). The order of these pay outs are directly correlated to the house edge and the RTP or payout percentage. This is roughly the percentages for games with the best odds: Blackjack: 0.13%; Craps: 0.60%; and Roulette: 2.7%. Slots have the worst odds of 1 in 49,836,032. Now, depending upon who you speak to or what your research results are, these numbers are different most of the time. For example, my research disclosed that the house edge for Blackjack is 0.5%, which translates to a five cent loss. For Baccarat and Craps, the loss is 10 cents, and for Roulette, you can lose approximately 27 to 33 cents for every $10 wagered.

Slots Odds

I have said it repeatedly and will again. The slot odds quoted here doesn't make any sense. With online casinos such as Liberty Slots Casino, our number one casino for US players, providing a 98.41% Return to Player; it seems to me that playing slots at this casino or any online casino with a 98% RTP would yield higher slot results. I am sticking to this theory, because I have seen results from this casino as well as other US casinos. As I also said in one of my articles, the amount won doesn't matter; but the fact that online players do win every day is proof enough for me that the odds for slot play mentioned in the opening paragraph is bogus. One more word of advice that I will give again: Before you choose a slot game, read the pay table. Find the RTP for that particular casino, and if you can locate the hit percentage for that specific game.