What Is A Loose Slot Machine?

I’m so glad this question has been asked! In my review of “Which Online Casino Pays Out the Most,” I referred to Liberty Slots Casino who has an RTP (Return to Player) percentage of 98.41%. Coincidentally, this is one of the casinos that offer loose slots. Loose slots are slots that pay out more frequently than other slot machines. As evidence of this, you may have read our latest News Section where we always highlight winners at online casinos. Now Liberty Slots is not the only online casino for US players that have 98+% payouts. In my articles I cited several others in the 98 percentile. What’s my point? Experts have commented that “When you're playing online slots, look for the page that brags about jackpots being won, this might help you determine what slots are the loosest.” Thus, when you check our site, you will more than likely find those loose slot winners once a week. Moreover, another source stated that: “if a sign says there is a 98% payback, you will know that this is a loose slot.” I feel vindicated.

Players Find Loose Slots More Popular

The reason they do is because the slots pay out more frequently than other slot games. Remember that online casinos need to compete, not only with extremely high welcome bonuses along with the new free spins trend, but also having many winners a day. This is why they post the winners on their site. Take a look at the games these players are winning on and you will see a clear indication of the best loose slots to play. Also, remember too that loose slots can change from day to day depending upon the RNG or Random Number Generator.

Casinos that Have a 98% RTP

We’ve already mentioned the top online casino – Liberty Slots. But to further bring home my point; here are the other online casinos for US players who offer loose slots in the 98 percentile:
  • Ignition Casino - 98.29% Payout
  • Las Vegas USA Casino - 98.25% Payout
  • Café Casino - 98.22% Payout
  • Lucky Red Casino - 98.21% Payout
  • Casino Max - 98.17% Payout
  • Drake Casino - 98.14% Payout
  • Bovada Casino - 98.10% Payout
  • Slots.LV Casino - 98.01% Payout

As you can see, any of these online casinos have loose slots and provides more than 200 games each. So the next time you are looking to play loose slots in the 98% range, you have 8 of the top online casinos to choose from.