What Is Hit Frequency?

I have already discussed RTP or Return to Player percentages in my recent articles. There is another very important percentage you need to take note of and that is Hit Frequency. While Hit Frequency and RTP are not directly related, you should be aware of both of these terms as they are vital in terms of how much money you will win based on your wager. Hit Frequency relates to how often a slot reel will stop and give you a winning combination. The percentage is presented by a number usually ranging from 3% to 40%. Thus, if a slot game has a 7% hit frequency, a winning combination will occur around 7% of the time.

What Slot Game Offers the Best Hit Frequency?

Two slot games have been touted as having the highest Hit Frequency. They are: Treasure Nile and Cash Splash, the latter paying out more frequently than the former. Both are progressive slots, with special features. But again, the Random Number Generator has a lot to do with the outcome. If a slot game has a low Hit Frequency, say 4% or 5%, it will yield higher payouts to players. It has been recommended that you play a low Hit Frequency slot game to garner better results. Now if a slot game has 25 or more pay lines, your chances of winning become higher.

The RNG will Determine the Hit Frequency

As noted in earlier articles, the Random Number Generator does play a crucial role in determining the winning combinations. But if you know the Hit Frequency, you will have a better chance of winning. This will allow you to ascertain how much you should bet on the slot game as well as how much you can possibly win. As you know, most of the slot games today have bonus features. This adds to the Hit Frequency of such games. In fact, you may have played slot games that had a high Hit Frequency, but a low payout. A machine with a high payback and low hit frequency means that it doesn’t hit as often, but it pays out more. A machine with a low payback and high hit frequency pays out small wins, more often. This sounds a bit crazy, but that’s how these slot machines work.

A Hit is a Hit

The best way to ensure that you are playing a slot game with a Hit Frequency along with a RTP that suits you; it is best to look for a slot game that incorporates both these percentages. While the “hits” might be small, they are still hits. The longer you play the better chance you will have to increase your hit frequency and score a big win.