What Is The Highest Payout Casino Game?

In researching this question, I interpreted this question as referring to slots. But the truth is this question could refer to any casino game. Therefore, the answer to this question is Blackjack. This casino game has the highest odds of winning both in land-based and online casinos. In addition, sources tell me that table games are the preferred games to play if you are looking for the highest RTP percentage.

What about Slots?

As I have mentioned in my articles relating to online casino games, I have noted that the highest RTP is 98.41% at Liberty Slots Casino. But if you ask which game has the highest payout, this is difficult to answer because not only are there so many probabilities, but the RNG makes it even more difficult to determine. However, there are two games that have paid out the highest and they are Mega Moolah and Megasaur Slots. What surprised me the most was that Blood Suckers Slots has been mentioned a great deal as another one of the highest paying slot games.

Let’s Discuss Slots

Slots are the one game that everyone thinks they know how to play. Just hit the spin button and see what happens. There is nothing that can be done to influence the outcome of the spinning reels. However, understanding the payout percentages (or RTP which means Return to Player), winning odds, and how winning combinations pay out will help players to turn a profit. When first playing, a player should always check out the pay table (which I suggest in all my slots reviews) of the games they are thinking of playing. They can vary considerably, depending on the different features and winning combinations. Payouts are not as good as table games, but this hasn’t stopped slots from being the most popular casino game around. Software suppliers are constantly trying to produce better and more exciting games. New features are always being added. Features such as free spins added to welcome bonuses, up to four jackpots from one brand, and the well-known interactive bonus rounds from another brand are the ones to look out for as they often reduce the casinos advantage. In my article, “What are the Odds of Winning on a Slot Machine,” I laid out the odds for slot games overall. In fact, I even disputed those that would say that slots are the worst games to play as far as odds are concerned.

What is the Real Truth?

While it is true that Blackjack does have the highest odds of winning, I believe that slots can as well. If you take a look back over the last 6 months, we had had winners who hit jackpots on “loose slots” ranging from over $100K to $1 million. Moreover, if you really take the time to look at the winners posted on the top US casinos, a day doesn’t go by when someone's name isn't posted for winning a slot game. Although their wins aren’t as high as the ones quoted here, they are still winners. And winning is the name of the game.