Lucky Slots on Facebook

The excitement of online casino play is slowly making paths into the realm of social networking, and Lucky Slots is one of the newer casino options that players will find. Right now it is available on Facebook.

To quote a great sage, there is good news and bad news about Lucky Slots:

The good news is that it is free and there are no age or location restrictions! Anyone can play Lucky Slots.

The bad news is that this is only a "play for fun" type of casino-there is no option for real gambling excitement.

Playing the Lucky Slots

There are a variety of slot games available at Lucky Slots, all of which have really familiar controls for players of online casinos. The games operate smoothly and very well, but they are unexciting for players who are familiar with the hot current online casino games. In the background there is a constant soundtrack of smooth, cool 50s style jazz that we really love, but some of the other players giving this spot a try found it cloying after a while. We still love the jazz.

Staking Your Stake

We have already established that there is no play for real money, but Lucky Slots compensates for that. Every few hours players get a free spin on a Wheel of Fortune, and they are rewarded with some virtual cash. Additionally players get virtual cash rewards for completing tasks that involve playing the games or for referring friends to the casino. This ends up creating a stake with which players play. Even though it is not real money, it does create a sense of excitement-players only have a limited amount of virtual cash at any given time, and they can go broke if they don't manage it correctly. As they win more, they gain access to higher stake games, so even if they collect a really big stake; it is possible that a little cockiness will end up breaking the bank. This is a great feature, as it does contribute to the sense of really winning and losing. We can only think how much more exciting it would be if real money was in play!

The most ironic aspect of Lucky Slots is that if players are running low on their allocated cash and they still want to play, they have the option of purchasing virtual cash. The irony is that in order to purchase virtual cash, they have to spend real money! The virtual cash is not refundable in any sense; it is just for use in Lucky Slots, so even if you win big here, you end up with a big pot of . . . well . . . nothing.

The Games

As we mentioned, the games here work excellently, and they are pretty good looking by standards of online casino games of ten years ago. They are super traditional in style and they will not hold the interest of current serious gamers, but they are a good way to test the waters to see if online gaming is something that you might enjoy. The first game available is called Joker's Wild, and it is a nicely arranged five-reel, thirty-payline game. As with real slot games, the bet is adjustable to players' personal budgets, so they can keep play going even when their stake is dwindling. The imagery is simple-but-effective, and there is the Joker wildcard that pops up with satisfying regularity.

If You're Going to Play. . .

Lucky Slots is a pretty good option for players who do not have access to online gaming facilities because of local laws. The interface works excellently and the games do simulate gambling excitement. We have two pieces of advice to players at Lucky Slots, or any other social network based "casino": 1) DO NOT pay for additional play money. If you are going to pay to play, do it at a real casino! Which brings us to our second point: 2) If you are going to play, why not play for real? If you are in an area where online casino play is possible, spin the reels for some real money! There are games that will let players play at any level of risk, so budget is not an issue. And, if you want to try the games out before you risk money, all the top casinos online have "play for fun" options, allowing players to figure the games out before risking one cent.

So head over to a REAL casino tonight, and get the reels spinning for some real fun! Until the social networking sites can figure out how to integrate a genuine casino online, spend your playtime at one of the top casino properties you will find on this page.