Marvelous Marlins Slots

Marlins truly are marvelous! Have you ever seen one? They are way different than other kinds of fish. Their bodies are elongated and their snouts are crazy…like spears…and a dorsal fin that resembles a crest. Another thing about the Marlin is that they are super fast swimmers. Now that you have had that mini lesson about Marlins you are pretty much ready to head under the sea and go for a swim with the Marlins.

This is all made possible by Wager Gaming Technology LibertySlots Casino>. Yes…the symbols in Marvelous Marlins are all going to be things that live deep beneath the sea. Look for the green fish, yellow fish, purple octopus, and the marlin.

Marvelous Marlins Slots is a three reel slot and it is pretty traditional. You can win on the first two pay lines just by inserting two coins or you can play all of them with three coins. If you get a Marlin on the top and bottom pay line then you win!

Marvelous Marlins Slots is a game that is not like the others. First of all, the background makes you feel like you are in the deep blue sea. Next, how you win is also non traditional. You don't have to wait for certain combinations to show up just keep your eye on the Marlin and remember that he is the one that pays.

When a Marlin shows up and that pay line is active all you have to do is start counting and remember that you get nine coins for every Marlin that shows up in the middle pay line, provided you used the max wager of three coins. That is nine coins for each Marlin!

Marvelous Marlins Slots does not have a bunch of extra features…there is no Scatter, no Bonus…no Wild…but no one seems to miss them at all. This makes Marvelous Marlins a classic! If you love the sea and unique fish then Marvelous Marlins is going to knock your socks off! You keep your eyes on that Marlin!

Use the Stop Spin feature so you can stop the reels whenever you want to and don't have to wait for them to taper down slowly and one at a time. Marvelous Marlins has some pretty cool sound effects and the graphics are what you would expect from Wager Gaming Technology. Use the Auto Play feature too so the game can be played automatically…only you tell it when to stop.