The Shark Slot

Five reels and just nine paylines, but two bonus games; The Shark Slot is a deep-sea themed slot adventure that enthusiasts and beginners alike will enjoy.

The Shark Slot game is unique in that it has a progressive online jackpot; one that you can try and win if you bet on all 9 paylines, with 45 x $0.01 wagers ($0.45). With starfish, seahorses, clams, octopi and treasure chests this fishy tale could well end up a happy one with a minimum jackpot of $1000. It's easy to download and play The Shark Slots due to the user-friendly controls and help pages.

Sharp shark strategy:

The key here is to know your skill and judge your bets accordingly. Betting $0.45 on 9 paylines gives you a chance at winning the jackpot, but you may also soon run out of money if you don't make any winnings that way too. Choose 'select lines' to bet smaller amounts.

You should also know your symbols before you play. Read on below to find out what they are and what they mean...

The symbols that matter

There is no wild symbol in this game, so once you've spun your reels, that's what stays. There are, however, two different scatter symbols: the treasure chest and the shark.

Keep a special eye out for the starfish when you're betting maximum ($0.45), as five of these in a row on a maximum wagered line will earn you the progressive jackpot, which is a minimum of $1000! There are other smaller prizes for other symbols too, such as the seahorses; two of which will give you 45 coins, three will give you 180, four will give you 540 and five which earn a whopping 1,225.

The card shark and treasure chests

Because there are two scatter symbols in Shark Slots there are also two bonus games. Get three sharks anywhere on the screen and you'll enter the Shark Bonus Game: a round where you play a 'higher or lower' game with the card shark (he will deal a card, and you have to choose whether the next one will be higher or lower. Get it right and you win a prize. Aces are high, by the way!). Land three treasure chests, on the other hand, and one will open to reveal a prize.

Where to start

Grab an oar and row to Silver Oak Casino, Casino Titan and SlotoCash Casino where you can register your own account for free, and start playing Shark Slots. Remember, you can start of with play money and move onto the real deal once you've got the hang of the controls, and mastered your strategy.