Mobile Casino Slots

In the last year or so, we have seen a boom in casinos offering mobile games. In fact, we have also seen exclusive mobile casinos launched, thus offering players a complete line of games including promos, bonuses, payment methods, customer support, and more. This is more than a trend; this is the definitive way to allow players to enjoy their games no matter where they are. Does this mean the end of Desktops? Not likely; however, we believe this is just the beginning of a 99% casino mobile future.

Mobile Capability

When anyone joins an online casino, and that casino has mobile capability, you will most likely see Android and iOS slot games offered. This compatibility would most likely include smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Usually, in order to download the mobile casino, one only has to use the QR code that is available at most online casinos. For those mobile only casinos, however, you will have a myriad of devices you can use to play their mobile games.

Slots for iPhones

Nowadays, about 80% of the country has an iPhone. You see them wherever you go. But what you don’t see is that many online players are using their iPhones to play slot games at most of the top online casinos. Playing games on buses, trains, airlines, and the like is what the designers of mobile games envisioned. Today, iPhones, which produces instant communication, are now at the peak of their usefulness when it comes to playing slots.

Windows Slots

When online casinos first implemented a mobile casino within their basic casino, players went wild over the fact they could play games on their mobile devices. Windows slots were not as popular as Android or iOS, but they have made their way up the ladder and now offer mobile slots. Considering that most Windows Slots were played on desktops; Windows slots have become competitive with the major mobile compatible devices.

Blackberry Slots

I can remember when Blackberry devices were being used by professionals mostly in the workplace. Rarely did I see a Blackberry used for any other purpose. However, with the next generation of mobile devices suddenly becoming state of the art devices that allow players to engage in slot games, Blackberry has come out of no where offering players the opportunity to play slot games. And the boom continues!

Slots iPads

One of the many reasons online gamblers join casinos is mostly for the games. And the games they want to play have to be available when the player wants to engage in slot play. Thus, the iPad, among many other mobile devices, has become one of the five top devices for online players. Whether players join regular online casinos with mobile capability, or join the exclusive mobile casinos, they now have what they want when they want it through the use of iPads.

Slots Kindle

Here’s something you don’t see every day at Amazon. Slots: Free Casino Slot Machine Games For Kindle Fire HD. Play Real Las Vegas Fun Club, Machines, Bingo,Video Poker, Blackjack, Bonuses, Spin Quick Hit for Jackpot Bonus, Journey Holiday with Buffalo Old Classic Slots, Best Wild 777 Fruits, Double Win Slots. All this is free to download onto your Kindle. It all began with the Kindle Books. But Amazon saw the writing on the wall sooner than most and is now offering Kindle Slots for its members.

Watch the Smartwatch Slots

As if mobile devices weren’t enough to satisfy casino players, we now have the Smartwatch device that allows players to engage in slot play. These tiny devices that you put on your wrist give you instant access to your favorite casino games. In fact, some sources say that the smartwatch’s popularity has hit new heights in devices that you can actually wear and use.

Rift Slots

The Oculus Rift is a device that will take you into a virtual world. It is a headset that you wear that enables you to walk around a casino, for example, and the entire experience is rendered in 3D. In fact, one of the leading online casinos has launched such an app with prominent software. This app comes with a total of 40 slot games.

HTML 5 Slots

Mobile Slots in HTML5 is the latest technology for mobile users. This allows players to play any game they wish in flash without having to download the game or even the casino. For those of you who are members of Club Pogo, they are converting their software into HTML5 as well, making game play fast, easy, and without any problems. The premise is a simple one. Choose your game, and it will load immediately.

Nokia Phone Slots

Nokia is known as one of the largest mobile phone designers and, as such, you can find many of the top online casinos that offer mobile play. These casinos are fully licensed, and the mobile casinos have a massive number of slot games you can play on your Nokia Phone. Moreover, Nokia Phones are currently compatible with every mobile device.

Mobile Software Compatibility

Believe it or not, there are many casino players who have yet to purchase a mobile device that they can use to play online slot games or other casino games. Yes, I am one of them. So I looked to the experts on how to determine what the software compatibility and requirements should be for mobile devices. Fortunately, I didn’t have to look far. Most online casinos that have mobile capability will tell you right off the bat the system compatibility and requirements. Some even give tutorials on mobile devices to use for gaming. The one thing I did learn from the experts is that one should not buy a mobile device that is 2 years old.

Real Money Mobile Casinos

We have to go back in time when visiting land-based casinos was the thing to do. Then came online casinos followed by mobile casinos, mobile devices, and mobile gadgets, and others. All of these venues now allow players to play for real money. So why not play for real money on your mobile device? And that’s exactly where we are now. Of course, you can practice play games for free; but that’s always been a given over the last 10 years or so. But to be able to play for real money on your mobile devices puts you at a blackjack table in Vegas, or a pokie in Australia, or anywhere else in the world. The point is, while most people enjoy playing games on their mobile devices, playing for real money is what sets the tone for online casino gaming.

Free Slot Mobile Play

Unlike those who play for real money on their mobile devices, some cannot afford to do so. Instead, they prefer to play free slot games. They can do so very easily on their mobile devices as most online casinos with mobile capability and those that are exclusively mobile offer free slots. Moreover, they give you that choice. Click on a game and you will see two headings: Play for Real or Practice Play (Play for Fun). This is what enables new players to decide on what casino they wish to join in the future.

Mobile Slot Games Pro

There are many reasons why mobile slot games are in the Pro category. For one, they are mobile – ok, that’s a given. Two, they offer players the opportunity to play anytime, anywhere. Three, you can play for free or for real money. Four, new gadgets are coming out all the time enabling players to play on a watch, or play virtually, or play on your Kindle.

Mobile Slot Games Con

The only downside to playing mobile slot games is hacking. We know from experience that players who engage in slot play in areas where there is Wi-Fi can allow others to hack their mobile devices. We also know from Senate hearings that there is an embedded system on these devices that can track you wherever you are. Most people didn’t know about this until I wrote about it. Now they can easily turning off the tracking device and play slots safely.

Mobile Slots & Betsoft

We consider Betsoft to be one of the top brands in the mobile slot arena. Their 3D slots are unlike any other. Although they were not available for mobile play in the past, they came out like gangbusters over the last few years giving players a brand new slot experience. Their games are superb, and mobile users can revel in the fact that they can play these games on many of their mobile devices at any time.

Mobile Rival Slots

Rival is also a leading software provider that created the very popular I-Slots. For mobile users, this is a big deal as they have many brand choices to choose from at either online casinos with mobile compatibility, or mobile casinos as well. Rival has been around for quite some time, and players are thrilled to be able to play their portfolio of slot games on their mobile devices.

Mobile RTG Slots

When most brands left the US because of the UIGEA Law, it was RTG who remained; giving US players a place to call home. Today, Mobile RTG slots are booming and their portfolio has become one of the largest online. For mobile users, they too have something to crow about because most of the top RTG slots are available to them on most all mobile devices.

Mobile Microgaming Slots

As we all know, Microgaming is the king of slots. Go to any Microgaming casino and you will see the number of slot games rising. Recently, I found 600 to 900 slot games, and of those games, more than 100+ were available to mobile users. While no one online casino can claim that many games in their portfolio, we are now seeing a shift in that multiple brands are now powering the top rated mobile casinos. This gives mobile players a new and exciting experience playing slots they were not able to play before.

Mobile Wager Gaming Slots

Perhaps no other brand is as popular as Wager Gaming. Add to this the fact that mobile Wager Gaming Slots is available to US players, makes it even more exciting. US players now have multiple brands to choose from both in regular and mobile casinos. Moreover, we will see a rise in exclusive WGS mobile casinos so that players can continue to play their favorite games and enjoy the new games that come out monthly.

Mobile Tournaments

Tournaments are in and of itself a way for players to challenge each other and make new friends. It wasn’t that long ago that slot tournaments were not available for mobile users. But the mobile casinos also saw the writing on the wall and are now offering a myriad of slot tournaments as well as other tournaments for their mobile users.

Mobile Deposits

Mobile deposits are made much the same way as deposits are made at a regular casino. For example, if you are a member of a particular casino and you wish to use your mobile device to play games, your account will simply add that you are a mobile user. There is no need to re-register. Moreover, you will find that most mobile casinos are now giving instructions on the payment method and how to make deposits. You can also find this information in their FAQ section.

Mobile Bitcoin

Ah, Bitcoin! We have written extensively about Bitcoin and how it relates to regular casinos and mobile casinos. It is the number one payment method worldwide, and as such, mobile casinos are providing this method of payment for mobile users. The process is safe, secure, and anonymous. The mobile user will also be able to read the tutorial either on the deposit page or on a separate page as to how to make a Bitcoin deposit. Bitcoin has become the quintessential form of banking for mobile users around the world.

Slots Best Mobile

I have a theory about finding the best mobile slots at mobile casinos. If you check out the top online casinos and look for the new and most popular slots, odds are you will find these best slots for mobile use. In fact, you don’t have to look far for the best mobile slots because we have been reviewing them since mobile devices first came as well as since online casinos have incorporated mobile slots on their sites.

Mobile Casinos Best

As we have iterated over and over, we have reviewed the best mobile casinos for our site, regardless of whether the mobile casino is part of the regular casino or the mobile casino is exclusively for mobile users. We would like to note that more and more exclusive mobile casinos are on the rise, and mobile players who engage in playing casino games will have no problem finding the best of the best.

Newest Slots Mobile

As a reviewer of new slots and new online casinos, I have found that within the last year there has been an explosion of new mobile slots. They are some of the best slots I’ve personally played at mobile casinos and no doubt, in the days, weeks, and months to come I will be reviewing more of these mobile slots for our players, specifically, US players.

Newest Mobile Casinos

Here is where the metal meets the road. In the last year, I have reviewed more new mobile casinos than every before. Not just the mobile casinos that are part of the main casinos; but stand alone mobile casinos. I can tell you that this is the wave of the future. Technology has provided us with more mobile devices today than ever before. And it is these devices that will push mobile casinos to new heights.

Mobile Players Best Bonuses

In an attempt to draw mobile users to their sites, mobile casinos are offering new players some of the best bonuses we have seen. Whether they are no deposit bonuses to try out the games, or welcome bonuses and all that comes with it to bring new players to the fold. For example, there is one exclusive mobile casino that is offering its players a $1000 welcome bonus. We haven’t seen this kind of offer from a mobile casino since they first came out. But this is just the beginning. Mobile casinos know that players want instant communication and gratification. We expect to see more exclusive and non exclusive mobile casinos raise the bar for its players.