Play Crazy Dragon Slots Now

Crazy Dragon Slots is a progressive game that makes the pay table displayed at the top of the machine. The total sum gained by hitting the progressive jackpots is displayed right above the 3 spin reels. This is also a 3 reel game. Each time a player wins a progressive jackpot, his credit is to 2000 dollars. This game can only be played with a denomination of 1 dollar.

A Bovada USA Casino player gets eligible for the progressive jackpot if and only if he has placed 3 coins in the bet for each spin he makes. If the outcome of the spin has a dragon head in the first reel then a free spin is provided to the player. Depending the number of dragon heads in the spin, the number of free spin varies. One gets 5 and 20 free spins for hitting two and three dragon heads respectively on a single spin. Isn't it a crazy slots game?

If a player is able to accumulate a total of 100 re spins then the progressive jackpot of 2000 dollars is rewarded. The re spin meter is also displayed on the machine which helps the player keep a track of the number of re-spins available. After a player runs out of all the re-spins, the re spin meter is set to zero.

A player can start playing the game by adding the required amount to his account. After the amount has been credited to ones account, one can place a bet and start playing the game by pressing the spin button.