Spin Palace Casino Bonuses

When a player is looking for the best online casino, the number one attraction has to be the bonuses and promotions. At Spin Palace Casino , you will find an array for special bonuses that will not only delight you but allow you to fully enjoy the online gaming experience. Powered by Microgaming, you will have over 290 casino games at your disposal, including the all important bonuses and promotions.

Welcome Bonus

When you join Spin Palace casino , you will receive a $1000 Welcome Bonus. But in addition to this bonus, you will receive the following bonuses and promotions as a member of the Loyalty Club, a 6-tiered Rewards program. The levels are Blue, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Prive.

  • Entry Points: 2500 for Silver; 5000 for Gold; 10,000 for Platinum, and 500,000 for Diamond
  • Maintenance Points: 2500 for Silver, 4,500 for Gold, 8000 for Platinum, and 25,000 for Diamond.
  • Bonus Points: 10% for Silver, 20% for Gold, 40% for Platinum, and 60% for Diamond
  • Exclusive Tournaments: All Levels
  • Casino Bonuses per Month: 500 for Blue, 1,000 for Silver, 2000 for Gold, 5000 for Platinum, and 10,000+ for Diamond. All of these are in €.
  • VIP Manager: Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Prive
  • Access to exclusive competitions and promotions: Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Prive
  • Travel to meet your VIP Manager: Gold Platinum, Diamond and Prive
  • Exclusive gifts: Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Prive
  • Exclusive support phone number: Platinum, Diamond, and Prive
  • Invites to worldwide VIP events and vacations: Platinum, Diamond, and Prive
  • Fast Withdrawals: Diamond and Prive
  • Invitations to worldwide sporting events: Diamond and Prive

Join Spin Palace Casino

If these promotions and bonuses aren’t enough to get you to join Spin Palace Casino, then you are really missing out on a good thing. Join Spin Palace Casino today .