Spin Palace Casino? No, we've seen it already, thanks

Spin Palace Casino is one of the oldest online casino brands and used to be one of the leading in the industry for a long while, but leaving US market became the break point for Spin Palace Casino.

Many loyal customers do not see Spin Palace Casino in the way they used to, because of the decreasing level of service, quality of games and annoying difficulties during depositing and withdrawal processes.

We've sent emails to the former Spin Palace Casino American, European players (UK, Spain, Italy & Germany) and Turkey and asked them to vote for their "post Spin Palace Casino" - Casino they enjoy those days and here are the results:

  • 34% of the players report on decline in the level of service
  • 37% agree that new games supply in not that used to be
  • 58% of the players have depositing difficulties
  • 100% of the US players could not even install the software

So, what can you do, especially if you are US sitizen? Simple - pick up one of the good US friendly brands!

Casinos for US players

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