Online Casino Authorization Forms

Before joining an online casino, one of the most important concerns you may have is if the casino has the credentials to provide for a fair, honest, safe and secure environment for its players. This is a valid question and one that most online players look for among the thousands of online casinos operating today. To ensure your safety and security as a player, most of the top online casinos request that you fill out online casino authorization forms.

What Is an Online Casino Authorization Form?

This form is required when you join any of the top casinos and make your first deposit using a credit card. It is used primarily for players who request a withdrawal. Not only does this information protect the player, but it also protects the casino.

What Information Is Required on this Online Casino Authorization Form?

The information requested includes: Proof of identification (driver's license or photo ID); a copy of a utility bill showing your address; a copy of the credit card you are using to fund your casino account; and the authorization form signed and dated. This information can easily be sent via fax or scanned into your computer and emailed. The players name, address, telephone number, account name, date of birth, and details of the credit card is required.

Why Is this Authorization Form Required?

Think of it this way. Once the casino has your information on file, you are protected against fraud such as identity theft. No one can claim or try to claim funds in your account except you, the player. It isn't any different than filling out a credit card application or applying for an IRA at a bank. Personal information guarantees your protection. Obviously, you would not even consider joining an online casino that didn't have these safeguards in place.

Joining an Online Casino

Before you join an online casino, it is advisable that you have this information readily available in order to make the process of filling out the online authorization form an easy one. In this way, you can send the form in an expeditious manner and begin to enjoy the benefits derived from joining the online casino.