BetUS Casino Promotions

Promotions are quite literally the lifeblood of online casinos and the BetUS Casino is no different. In today's market for online casinos, even the best casino from a features point of view is not going to get people to look at their product without offering some sort of incentive and even then they are going to have a hard time keeping people if there is not some sort of ongoing incentive. BetUS Casino does a great job in terms of casino features and it supplements that great job through a competitive set of promotions, some of which are discussed below.

BetUS Sign-Up Bonus

The heart of every promotional structure contains the sign-up bonus and the one available at BetUS Casino is quite remarkable indeed. It is a 100% match bonus up to a maximum amount of $500; a maximum amount that is readily redeemable whenever people wish. A simple call to 1-888-51-BETUS will get the bonus deposited into your account once you confirm who you are and answer some security questions and once you have done that, you have double your money to play with in the actual casino!

Ultra Cheap Blackjack Tournaments

One way in which BetUS Casino promotes themselves is through extremely cheap buy-ins for Blackjack tournaments, starting at $10. The Blackjack tournaments take place on Wednesday and Sunday and for the most part are going to be filled with lots of people and therefore have prize pools that are quite large. These regularly scheduled tournaments are harder to find anywhere else and that is ultimately why you can feel good about playing at Bet US Casino because these tournaments run no matter how many or how few people end up signing up for a particular tournament.

Ultra Cheap Roulette Tournaments

These are like the blackjack tournaments, except instead of blackjack it is roulette and instead of 2,000 chips to start you get 1,000 chips. The goal, like with the blackjack tournaments, is to have the highest chip totals at the end of 50 rounds. BetUS Casino's roulette tournaments happen every Tuesday and Friday like clockwork.

Video Poker, Three Card Poker and Craps Tournaments

In addition to blackjack and roulette, BetUS Casino offers promotional tournaments for three card poker on Thursday, video poker on Monday and craps on Sunday. This means that you can play a tournament every day of the week in something different at Bet US Casino and have the chance to turn your $10 into an amount much larger than that.

BetUS Freerolls

Is $10 each day for a tournament too much for you? Well, in that case, why not take a look at the freerolls that are available on a regular basis from BetUS Casino? The freeroll tournaments available at BetUS Casino are going to be very similar to the other tournaments listed above, with the one exception that there is no entry fee. Since there is no entry fee you can expect to see a lot more players in those tournaments, but at the same time they are also tournaments that are worth playing because the entry fee is nothing and you can potentially win some big prizes from a freeroll tournament.

So what more are you looking for? It is time for you to take advantage of BetUS Casino's amazing promotional offers. Login to the website and play your favorite casino games at BetUS Casino!