BetUS Casino

BetUS Casino offers a wide range of online casino games for its players. The casino offers 35 popular online casino games including classic casino table games to slots, card games, and video poker. Some of the online casino games offered by BetUS Casino include Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, Stud Poker, Three Card Poker, Let It Ride, and Deuces Wild - to name a few. Whatever be your favorite casino game, you are sure to find it in BetUS Casino!

More than that - betUS Casino is constantly running Blackjack, Roulette, Three Card Poker, Video Poker and Craps tournaments. This is a real advantage of the betUS Casino. If you never took part in the casino games tournaments we strongly advice you to try, the gaming experience is way above the average and your thrill is doubled! More information about betUS Casino tournaments is available too.

Best Casino Bonuses and Promotions at betUS casino

BetUS Casino offers the best casino bonuses and promotions you will get from an online casino! The promotion starts with a whopping $500 welcome bonus to BetUS new casino players. Besides the welcome bonus, BetUS Casino offers 25% referral bonus, and countless re-deposit offers. BetUS casino players can also win massive prizes the casino offers for its weekly tournament winners!

BetUS Casino Payment Methods

There are two ways that people can deposit money into their accounts at BetUS Casino. The first of those ways is through the use of a credit card such as Visa or MasterCard, which is a somewhat secure option when you discount the fact that some credit card companies in the United States do not accept online gambling transactions and in fact will reject them if they appear on your statement. In addition to that, however, BetUS Casino players can deposit funds through a money transfer option which takes a lot longer to do (as much as a week longer), but at the same time is quite a bit more reliable.

As far as the BetUS Casino's payout options go, the same money transfer option is available, although instead of credit card reimbursement the alternate optional method available to Bet US Casino players is to get a check delivered through FedEx. There is a $5,000 daily limit for payouts, regardless of which method is ultimately used.

Getting Help from BetUS Casino

One of the things that tend to define how well an online casino does is how good it is when it comes to offering help to the clients. For example, many of the online casinos around have started to adopt live chat help and BetUS Casino is one of these online gambling institutions. Live chat help allows you to talk to an online representative in the same way that you would chat with a friend over MSN and is not only completely free to do, but also completely hands free because you can type a message and then change Windows to input instructions given to you; you do not constantly need to be devoting hands to the task like you would if you were to call into a hot line. The majority of the online help BetUS Casino offers is now done through the online live chat function and that should make it very easy for you as a customer to get service should you ever need it.

Play BetUS Casino Now!

Now you have an exact idea of what BetUS Casino offers to its casino players. Exciting online casino games, excellent casino bonuses and promotions, massive prizes, easy payment and withdrawal options, and live customer support! So what more are you looking for?