New at Slots.LV Casino: Drinks to Spin

Now you may think you have to drink yourself silly to earn fabulous bonuses from Slots.LV Casino. On the contrary! So what’s this Drinks to Spin all about? Simply put, Slots.LV Casino has just added another promotion in which you can earn weekly match bonuses up to $2800 when you Drinks to Spin playing their casino games. You will be allowed two drinks of your choice every week in order to redeem the match bonuses from slots that correspond to those drinks. Of course, Slots.LV is not supplying the drinks. But if you’d like a glass of your favorite cocktail, by all means have one. This promotion is running through September 6. Obviously, the choice is drinks played with these slot games are a bit obvious. We invite you to join Slots.LV, and enjoy your drinks while you play these slot games. What better way to enjoy online gaming!