Why Online Slots Beat Casino Slots: Top Reasons

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In the earliest days of gambling, slot machines became a staple in communities around the world. You'd walk into a local pub or travel out to a real casino to spin the slots. Slots were beloved because they required no one on one interaction, so if you were new to gambling you wouldn't feel embarrassed or self conscious playing with a bunch of experienced gamblers. Slots also rose to popularity because the games are simple to play, and don't require massive bets. Slot machines are integral to the brick and mortar casino experience, and as online casinos rose to predominance the same can be said about online slots. The popularity of online slots continues to grow at a rapid rate, because inexperienced players from around the world get a chance to spin for wins without betting huge sums of money or being an expert, high rolling mastermind of gambling. Let's delve into some of the main reasons online slots are even more popular than in person slots nowadays.

The Transition

The transition from land based casino slots to online slots was a faster process than you might imagine when you look at the overall history of slots. The history of slots can be traced back to New York in the year 1891. The first American slot machine was pretty minimal compared to what is considered standard today, and while the early incarnations of the game are nothing like the modern slot we know now, they laid the foundation for what would become one of the most popular casino games of all time. The popularity of the game continued on through to the 20th century.

When the Internet jumped into the picture, it wasn't long before online gambling rose to predominance as well. It was hard to deny the convenience of online gambling compared to in person gambling. Traveling all the way out to a casino is fun, but exhausting at the same time. In 1996, online slots were invented and the rapid growth of digital technology ensured the constant changes and consistent improvements of gaming. Online slots were ideal for both experienced and inexperienced slot players, and because online slots were so popular, a lot of money and creativity was put into the development of every game. Software companies were always crafting new games with different themes, new mechanics and other special features.

Why Online Slots Are More Popular

There are numerous reasons why online slots have overtaken regular slots in terms of popularity. One of these reasons is the fact every player who chooses to gamble online is simply spoilt for choice. There are so many slot options now a days, it's almost overwhelming. You can pick a game based on what theme you prefer, along with the game mechanics. You can choose between retro or modern slot machines, and you can also select based on bonus rounds or promotions associated with the slot machine, depending on what casino you're playing on.

Name a theme and you'll likely encounter a slot machine based on it. They have ancient Egyptian themed slots, along with Chinese good luck themed slots, animal, landscapes, sci-fi, horror, and mythology. They even have romance slots, or parody slots. They have sexy slots and funny slots, there's just about every slot type under the rainbow around. They also host seasonal slots, which are slots themed after certain holidays that can enhance your holiday experience if you're a fan of Christmas or Halloween, for example. Either way, these subtle differences can create an entirely different game experience. The format of the game will vary, along with the genre, and the soundtrack. The entire package of a slot is the way players keep coming back for more.

Variety Is Preferred

When it comes to online slots, there are roughly two different main types. There are classic slots, and there are five reel video slots. Classic slots are based on traditional, three reel slot machines. These slot machines were the kind of games that made Las Vegas the gambling capital of the world. The nostalgia of the classic game is one of the reasons this game continues to maintain its popularity, even in an online format with a plethora of other options out there. The retro slot is a beloved staple many online casinos still offer now a days.

Meanwhile, the video slot is the most commonly used format now a days. Most games are played on five reels and feature three rows of symbols. The combinations are randomly selected using gamin software instead of mechanical reels or levers. Similarly to classic slots, these games are also relatively easy to play, and there's a huge diverse variety of games awaiting you should you choose to play a five reel slot. While these are the two main types of slots you'll find at an online casino, and playing online gives you the luxury of bouncing between both of these options, there are also six reel and seven reel slot games. Some slot games come with unique structures like staggered reels, while others operate using a grid system. The main point is you have a plethora of game options while playing online, and structure is only one aspect of it.

People Love Jackpots

Sure, you can go to a physical casino and play a few slots with progressive jackpots attached, but you can't spin for a jackpot from the comfort of your own home. You also won't have access to every potentially great slot. While playing a jackpot slot, part of the player's wager will go towards the jackpot. Many progressive jackpots on sites are linked to other sites that host the same jackpot, which can result in a massive prize pool. The more people who play, the bigger the jackpot pool will be. The bigger the jackpot, the more appealing the game. Eventually a lucky player will receive the entire jackpot and the base game will reset.

Online Slot Play Is Easier

The premise of pretty much every online slot you encounter will be the same. While the theme might be different, along with the special features, the mechanism and general gameplay will be simplistic enough that even very inexperienced gamblers can quickly grasp the concept of slots. So players who choose to gamble online have a higher chance of experimenting by trying out new games Every online slot game will include simple instructions along with a pay table that will list different combinations of symbols and how much every symbol is worth.

This setup is perfect for beginning gamblers. There's no better way to feel comfortable with something new than to do is in your own home. While online casino games can be intimidating at times, online slots are simplistic and there's no pressure. As long as you set a limit on how much you're willing to spend per slot session, few problems can occur while playing slots at home.