Wild Casino Free Spins

Four letters mark out Wild Casino 's name, but we've got nine more letters to describe one of our favorite casino bonuses… free spins.

If you're keen to learn more about Wild Casino and whether it could be right for you, stick with us for the next few minutes to see if we've got some bonus tips for you to use.

Which slots should you try at Wild Casino?

We should ask which ones you should try first, as there are countless games to check out there. We spotted these among the wilds…

Would you like to try some Howling at the Moon?

Could this involve vampires? No, but it does involve wolves, with one appearing in the opening image. The diamond-shaped reels give access to the chance of multiple free spins with the help of the dreamcatcher. Could you net the maximum 240 spins from the triggering combination?

Take the Bank for some amazing prizes

This is one of several games to come from Betsoft, and they do 'take' slot gameplay to another level. Expect bombs with countdown fuses to appear on the reels, staying in position whenever they appear. When the countdown reaches zero, all visible bombs detonate to leave wilds behind.

Meet the King's Alchemist

This has a magical look to it, and we learn before we even load the game that it includes free spins that involve wild drops. This alone makes it worth exploring in greater detail, to meet the king and other characters waiting on the reels.

Do they hide any free spin bonus codes elsewhere online?

We know what you're thinking… why hide them? Truth is some casinos have other codes they release around the internet. If you find a secret bonus code anywhere, it could lead you back to Wild Casino, so it does make sense for them to do this. You just need to remember that no guarantees exist for any bonuses, so you could look and not find anything. That said, you'll never find anything if you never look!

Free spins available on selected new releases

This is a type of free spin deal we sometimes see at various casinos. They don't all offer them, but we think there is a chance you might sometimes spot these at Wild Casino. Make sure you explore and see what you think, so you can work out whether you might see any free game potential.

Can you spot free games from one or more studios?

The casino does offer games from several software developers, which means you can look for free spin offers relating to a specific brand if you wish. There are plenty of Betsoft games there, for instance, so looking for bonus spins for those would be sensible to do.

How do you find free spin bonuses to use at Wild Casino?

You need to look for everything you can, but honestly, you've reached our website already and we could save you time. While searching for multiple bonuses in lots of places does make sense, you can reduce your search time just by looking for them here before you go anywhere else.

T&C details for all available free spin bonuses

Here's our top tip - don't assume all the free spin deals you find to use at Wild Casino are identical with their terms and conditions. You might see standard Ts and Cs, but there could be a few differences from one offer to another as well. Don't assume… always read the information you find for every individual deal.

Deposit or no deposit?

Sometimes, you might be able to pick up some games for a slot at Wild Casino without being asked to deposit. At other times, you might need to make a deposit. In these cases, you'll get the minimum deposit amount written in the terms.