Microgaming to Release Playboy Video Slot

Online gaming development giants Microgaming are getting a little bit saucy with their upcoming release of a Playboy themed online slot. The slot itself is hot on the heels of the Microgaming Playboy Live Dealer offering and without even taking a look at the slot, we think you may have a pretty good idea of the images, graphics and visuals that are about to be served up! The release of this particular online slot has got 'sure winner' written all over it simply due to the popularity of the Playboy brand in general, and the fact that it is, after all, a Microgaming slot, and they don't create many poor ones. Using the iconic Playboy brand has already paid huge dividends in the live dealer venture and with the work that's clearly gone into the new Playboy slot, this will add more to that. It's a visual treat, well crafted and comes with some of the well known, and well liked Microgaming features.

Playboy Slot Features

Features on the Playboy slot almost come second best to the Playboy branding and images you'll see, and it really is the use of the brand rather than the game itself that draws attention to the slot. Sure, it's extremely playable and has some great features such as the well known 243 ways to win, the unlocking of different free spins bonus rounds etc, but the branding does come first. Everything about the slot screams Playboy, and so it should, that's what makes it stand out and that's what makes it different. Of course it's nothing new to team up with global brands, music stars and films when creating a slot, it's a path that's been walked many a time, and it does work. However, this is slightly different thing in that Playboy is a timeless brand and it isn't around for a few weeks, months or even years, as this is a brand that has stuck around for decades and will continue to do so. It's made the successful transition from the magazine shelf to the TV, and entered into plenty of other areas too. Playboy by Microgaming will succeed, of that there is no doubt, it may have a select audience, but it's a big enough audience for it to be able to hit the ground running and keep going. Find this gasme at Microgaming Casinos