Metal Casino: Play with Ozzie

In the United Kingdom, Ozzie Osbourne has become the largest influence in social media. The one casino that he has influenced the most is Metal Casino who, to paraphrase the Texas Hold ‘Em game, has gone all in. In fact, hard rock music fans will get a ring side sea to videos that show Ozzy playing casino games while reveal some facts about Lemmy, Jimi, and Slash. Metal casino is for hard rockers and has partnered with Ozzy to advertise on social media venues such as Facebook and Instagram. Metal Casino was released in 2017, and due to the efforts of their social media campaign along with Ozzy, has travelled to LA to film Ozzy playing hard rock games such as Motorhead, Guns & Ross, and Jimi Hendrix Slots. He was interview for 30 minutes, and this will be aired in five episodes. So keep checking your social media channels for the date and time of these interviews. The Spring Campaign is a much anticipated one as many of the top rock stars will make an appearance. Metal Casino also intends to live stream Ozzy and the rockers on Wednesdays and Fridays. You can go to You Tube and see a preview of the UK ad.