The Omni Casino Money Storm Promotion

From Wednesday 15th June all the way until June 30th Omni Casino will be running their Money Storm $8,888 slot tournament. This storm is a big one and maybe that wind will blow huge amounts of cash your way. Money Storm is a multi level tournament that caters for three separate ranges of wagering, high, low and high rollers and wherever you fit into that there are great prizes just waiting to be grabbed. This huge slots tournament promises to be fast and furious and here's how to get involved....

Money Storm - How to Play

Firstly and most importantly, you'll need to be a member at Omni Casino so if you need to sign up, get it done now and enjoy the $100 welcome bonus on your first deposit. Once your account is loaded, simply head off to the slots and start playing and you will be entered automatically into the tournament, you can join in the fun at anytime however the sooner you start the more points you will achieve. Whenever you make a real money spin on slots with between 15 & 40 paylines you will earn a tourney spin point. The prize amount you may win is determined by your average spin amount for the whole tournament, so the higher your spin the higher the value of the prize. There's a leaderboard and that will updated 3 times per week and will be in the casino lobby. You need to take advantage of the Ride Out The Storm Prize Booster too and you'll get an extra $200 on top of any prize with 75,000 real money spin points of 0.45 cents and higher. There's also a great pre tourney booster that gives you a little kick start before the actual tourney starts on the 15th of June. Should you play to the same rules before that date you'll start the tourney with a sweet 2,500 spin points that get you off to a flying start. Start spinning right now at Omni Casino and take advantage of this summer of slots extravaganza.