Opulence Slots

Everyone likes a bit of glamour and style with rich surroundings, whether you dream of it or it is real for you, you can find it all in this exciting 5 reel 15 payline slots game from Wizard Gaming. Opulence slots is all about opulence and high living, it is not centered on one country alone but shows different types of opulence from around the world which includes Japan's Princesses, English aristocrats, Indian Shahs, Luxury yachts and some stunning expensive glamour cars. In fact everything from the rich lifestyle is depicted here and the colorful graphics and rich sound will make your mouth water with anticipation of joining in this heavenly lifestyle.

Maximum Bet Needed for Progressive Jackpot Win

Opulence slots is a 5 reel 15 payline progressive slots game. This means that apart from the fantastic payouts that you have the chance of winning with standard winning lines you also have the chance of winning the big jackpot. The progressive jackpot is a constantly changing jackpot which grows with the more people that join the game. A small amount from each bet placed is added to the pot of the jackpot and this is what you can potentially win when you land 5 Armadillos on the 15 th payline when you have placed a maximum bet.

The Dream of Opulence is Not Far Off

There is only one coin size when playing Opulence slots and this is $0.05 but you have the choice of placing from one up to ten coins per payline giving you a maximum bet of $7.5 and a minimum of $0.75 which means there is something for every type of player with every budget whether you are a high roller or just starting out. With 15 different paylines to choose from this gives you a wide range of betting choices. You do not have to choose the maximum bet for each spin but remember that you can only win the jackpot with the maximum bet. Opulence slots from Wizard gaming is an online slots game for real money only because of the progressive jackpot but this is a good thing as with real money bets being placed you can also win real money amounts. The dream of opulence and luxury is not far off when you start playing Opulence slots and in time you may also win the jackpot and plan your new car or luxury trip around the world.