Peercoin distinguishes its product by claiming to be the most secure cryptocoin at the lowest cost. This, in turn, rewards all users for making the network stronger by giving them a 1% annual return when minting. A mobile Peercoin wallet is one that allows you to manage your Peercoins without having to carry a full-sized blockchain on your mobile phone. It conserves space on your android device, and allows you to take your coins with you no matter where you are.

How to Download the Peercoin Wallet

“A Peercoin wallet is an application used to store and transact Peercoins with other users. Peercoin has two desktop wallets: Peerunity and Peercoin-QT. Peercoin recommend Peerunity for most users.” Go to the download page to download your wallet and be able to store and manage your new coins. Send your money to a Peercoin exchange where you are able to buy from other traders in the open market. You can withdraw your coins by sending them to an address generated by the wallet software. This, in turn, will protect you in the event the exchange closes its doors with your money inside.