Poker Home Games

If you are a poker player, we have some fantastic news for you. Poker Stars is now offering a Beta version of Poker Home Games. This is for players who either want to start a poker club for friends who love poker as much as you do. The genesis behind this new poker home game is that it will be a private club reserved only for you and your poker buddies. You get to play online poker tournaments and games you choose to play depending on your schedule and that of your poker friends. And you get to choose who can become a member of your private poker club.

How Do I Set Up the Poker Home Games?

Easy, all you have to do is to download PokerStars software. Just go to the main lobby on Poker Stars site, click on Home Games, and follow the instructions from there. It is entirely free and the best part is you also get to select the name of your club and the invitation code you'll need to invite your friends. Once that is done, you are ready to go. You can invite up to 50 friends to join!

What If I Want to Join a Club at Poker Stars?

You have that option as well. Although you will need an invitation from a Club Manager, all you need is to download the software and the Club ID to join. You can join as many as ten clubs at Poker Stars.

Remember the Days….

When you were a kid and you and your friends decided to start a club? If the club was at your home, you may have designated yourself president of the club. Poker Stars is giving you the same opportunity once again, only this time it's for real. You can schedule a home game, select the type of tournaments you and your friends wish to enter, and play for real money! In addition, your club will also be rewarded with VIP Player Points and Frequent Player Points to players who play in Poker Stars real money Home Games. VPPs and FPPs are earned at the same rate as playing in any real money Poker Stars ring game or tournament.

Get Your Friends Together and Create Your Own Poker Home Games

What better way to enjoy time with your friends than to form a Poker Club and enjoy the tools and resources offered by Poker Stars? You can schedule games based on everyone's free time, enter tournaments, and have a fabulous time with your buddies - all from the comfort of your own homes. Moreover, you could still get together once a month, with laptops in hand, and enjoy each other's company while engaging in some online poker time as well. It's a win-win home game for poker players everywhere!