Known as a “social currency,” Reddcoin will enable people to use this digital currency in the easiest way. It integrates digital currency platform with all major networks making it easy to send and receive money. There are many ways to use Reddcoin.

  • The Tip Platform will allow for the sending and receiving of digital currency on social networks worldwide.
  • Reddcoin Redd-ID is a special service used at the block-chain level allowing users to “associate” a username with information that includes public keys and social network identities.
  • The ReddWallet is considered to be state of the art providing an array of social features to allow users to engage in social networking while, at the same time, improving security.

What is the Benefits of Using Reddcoin?

One source states that “by using Reddcoin as a currency for social networking, it will subsequently become the currency for the micro-transactions they power.