Rock and Roll Slots

If you are a rock and roll aficionado, then you will appreciate all of the thought that has gone into the creation of this wonderful five-reel online slots game from Wannabet Casino. Rock and Roll will never die as long as games such as this continue to be created.

Highlights of Game Play

Hit either the spin button or the Bet Max button to see many of the classic aspects of rock and roll whirl by before your eyes. You will see drum sets, guitars, tour buses, "roadies" or road crewmembers, "groupies", and the "devil horns" hand sign, which signifies heavy metal and rock n roll. This is quite an interesting mixture, which all who choose to play Rock and Roll Slots game will thoroughly enjoy.

From the Comfort of Home

Luckily, this fun and exciting slots experience can be found for downloading in several online locations. A simple Google search will reveal these places, and a quick download is all that stands in between you and an awful lot of fun! Once you have your own copy of Rock and Roll Slots, you can sit and play to your heart's content at home.

Getting Started

The opening screen of Rock n Roll Slots features rock music as well as two guitar players, a singer, a drummer, and a tambourine player that also is portrayed as a "groupie" in the game. It is an easy game to play, for all you need to decide before each spin is the number of credits you want to bet, and how many lines you want to bet on. Of course, the more lines you bet on, the more you can potentially win!

Credits and Wins

The game gives its players 1000 credits when they first begin. You are able to tell when you have had a win, for the line you won on will flash and the symbols on the line will be highlighted while the rest are grayed out. Your win will be announced in a dark gray box directly below the bottom line of game icons. The Rock and Roll slots paytable

In Summary

Rock and Roll slots is a very colorful and eye-catching game which will entice you to continue to play it for hours. Why leave home to enjoy the excitement of playing slots when you can enjoy this Poker Host game anytime you want?