The Long Odds of Online Roulette

While every gambler knows that the odds of casino games favor the house, the odds are better on some odds than on others. The game of roulette, while certainly an exciting one, offers some of the worst odds in the casino. Smart online gamblers are typically advised to play the game of roulette in fun mode, or not at all.

The odds in the game of roulette are solidly on the side of the house. While many casino games have an edge of 2%, 1% or even less, the typical roulette game at the real world casino has the house enjoying an edge anywhere from 5% to 7% or more. In the world of the online casinos, the house edge can be even greater. Many new gamblers love the game of roulette of course, and it is certainly one of the easiest games to learn and to understand. The game simply consists of a perpetually spinning wheel, into which is dropped a ball. When the ball lands, the dealer calls out the number and color of the spot where the ball lands, and the lucky player on that slot wins the prize. Due to the enormous number of color and number combinations available, however, the game offers very poor odds, and many experienced gamblers learn to shy away from the game or play it only for fun.

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