Reels of Wealth Slots

Reels of Wealth Slots is, in a word, incredible! This highly lucrative game paid out over $200,000 on the 4th spin. That’s pretty amazing. The slot is beautifully designed to garner you the highest payouts. It has so much going on, it is highly recommended that you read the payable before you play. The background of this slot has riches beyond your wildest dreams, and the symbols are rich and fabulous.

About the Game

Upon first view, you will notice at the top that there are four different jackpots, with ingenious titles. They consist of Mega Star and Star at the top left hand corner of the slot, and Legend and Hero at the top right corner of the slot. To the left of the slot is a tube with blue liquid and a multiplier that starts at 1xs. Each time you get a respin on the reels; the tube will fill up and add an additional multiplier. The buttons below the slot are traditional, except for these extra features. There is a Balance Window, a Wild window showing the multiplier, and the Credits window. Below these are the standard buttons along with the Auto Play, Spin/Stop, and the Double up Game. As you will see, the symbols denote pure wealth. The Double Up game can be played at any time during the regular game.

Playing the Game

Honestly, I have never seen these kinds of payouts in any one slot game. On my fourth spin I won over $200,000 on a 25 cent bet. The Wild symbol has a 2xs multiplier accompanying it; The Mega Star symbol is the one to watch out for because if get three or more on the reels, you win 10 free spins.

The Free Spins Round

Here is where the big bucks come in. When you enter the free spins round, look to the left of the slot machine and you will see 4 tubes reflecting the jackpot titles. The symbols change as well, and are comprised of gold and silver coins, gold bars, gems, and diamonds. When I spun the reels during the free spins round, I got 4 Mega Star symbols on the reels to win over $307,000. When the free spins round was over, my total win was over $348,000.

Play Reels of Wealth Slots

Needless to say, this is one of the highest paying slot games I have ever played. The Mega Star Jackpot symbol seems to come up more often that other jackpot symbols. Even though there are card symbols in this game, they are certainly overcome by the utterly fantastic free spins round wherein all the original symbols chance into new symbols affording you more opportunities to win. Therefore, we invite you to play the new Reels of Wealth Slots at our recommended casinos.