Double Sixteen Slots

From the outset, I have to say this classic slot game is quite odd. There are two slots in one, which is okay, since we have seen this before. But what this slot game has that others do not is a pay table that is so different, you can’t help but wonder what the deal is. So we will try to explain Double Sixteen Slots the best way we know how. However, we do recommend you play this game for fun at our preferred casinos so that you get the gist of the game.

About the Game

At the top of the slot is a fruity slot machine, traditional in nature except for the treasure chest symbol. At the bottom of the slot machine is another slot that is all fruity as well and includes the treasure chest. At the top right of the slot are 10 Meter Windows. At the bottom right is the Double Sixteen window showing all the symbols and their payouts. Consider this a pay table of sorts. Now here’s where it gets wonky. At the bottom of the slot there are no arrows to indicate your bet. But instead, there are these buttons: Collect, Select Meter, Start Bet 5, Start Bet 10, Start Bet 20, Start Bet 40, and the Auto Play button.

Playing the Game

In order to spin, you have to select the button at the bottom to determine how much you want to bet. When you win, the win and total will be shown in the respective windows, and numbers will also appear in the meters. Now let’s say you bet 40 and you win 40. Then you click on Collect. You will only receive 4 tokens and all the meters will show the number 4. I have reviewed thousands of slot games and I have to be frank- I have no idea what this game is all about. For the first time, I am at a loss. Needless to say, I have played this game for over an hour or more and still can’t figure it out.

Give Double Sixteen Slots a Go

There is something to this game that I am obviously missing. Therefore I invite our players to play Double Sixteen Slots at our recommended casino to see if you can figure it out. If so, send us an email or respond to our Facebook page and gives us a hint!