888 Deluxe Slots

Woohoo Games presents an extremely addictive and funs lots game with mystery symbols, jackpots and bonuses galore! This standard five by three reel adventure pits players against the odds as they seek the most scarce of symbols to match and earn with!

Bonus and scatter symbols in the form of logos laden with pink and gold will provide users a bonus round in which they can earn huge! A progressive jackpot is also a mechanic that keeps players motivated and provides an extra earning input for those inclined to win big!

The classic symbols such as fruit, face cards and numeric matching emblems all have their part here and shine with exquisite aesthetics to the backdrop of a sweet background and thumping tunes! It's a true slots adventure with players seeking riches from least valuable to most with symbols like oranges, lemons, cherries, watermelons, grapes, horse-shoes and bells! Finding the classic BAR and triple eight logos will enhance player prize potential by up to one thousand times the wager on a five of a kind payline!

Five of a kinds aren't the only matches necessary for a big win, three of a kinds are equally relevant and provide incredible multiplier bonuses as well! Three of a kind on a single reel can provide up to fifty times a single wager, four of a kind for up to one hundred times the wager, and of course the five of a kind can pay up to one thousand times the wager which is extremely generous and something to truly aim for!

Triple eights and bonus multipliers are the name of the game with 888 Deluxe Slots. It's a fruit based adventure similar to most popular entries of the current generation, and this virtual slots tale will take players to a fortress of earning potential and fun gaming mechanics!

888 Deluxe Slots is a game that's easy to learn yet somewhat difficult to master, but fun all the way through! A very low minimum bet of one fifth of a single credit can exist as a wager, as can up to one hundred credits on a single play! The ten paylines and tens of thousands of free credits can ease new players into the type of game 888 Deluxe Slots is, and with these essentials and tools it will easily become a new player's favorite and go to slots game! It's a fruit filled delight with luxuries abound in 888 Deluxe Slots, so dig in today!