Chillin' Penguins Slots

Chillin' Penguin Slots is a very unusual game in that the design is not what players may expect with a Penguin theme. The slot is set in the water with a beach in the foreground. Umbrellas hide the sun from the occupants, and stones in the sand identify the three horizontal lines for access to the paytable, and three stones representing the Auto Play, Spin Button, and Bet. The Spin button also acts as the Stop Button. Playson software powers Chillin' Penguin Slots.

What is the Configuration of Chillin' Penguin Slots?

Chillin' has five reels and ten pay lines. The maximum win per spin is 5000 times total bet.

What is the Coin Denomination in this Slot?

Click on the numbered stone, and the entire coin denominations for this game are available for viewing. Players can bet from 2 cents to $100 per spin. The Return to Player is 95.76%. The payouts are determined by how much you bet. Therefore, I would test the game using different coin denominations while checking the payouts to see what wagers fit your budget.

Can Chillin' Penguin Slots Be Played For Free?

You can play Chillin' Penguins Slots via Instant Play at Bovada Casino.

Can This Game Be Played for Real Money?

Yes. When players join Bovada Casino, they can play for real money by creating an account.

Where is the Pay Table?

The stone on the sand at the top left of the slot has three horizontal lines. Use this link to access the pay table. The pay table consists of the Rules, How to Play, Symbols and Payouts, Wild, Freezin' Penguins, Winnin' Penguins, and Additional Information.

What are the Special Features in Chillin' Penguins?

There is a Wild Duck symbol that will pay out 10,000 when you get all five. There are the Freezin' Penguins Feature and the Winnin' Penguins Feature.

Freezin' Penguins Feature

Six of the same symbols in reels 1 and 5 trigger the Freezin' Penguins Feature. Symbols on reels 1 and 5 will re-spin with the rest of the symbols remaining in place.

Winnin' Penguins Feature

When all symbols freeze, the total players win will turn into a special prize of all possible winning lines of 5 symbols multiplied by 10.


The new Chillin' Penguin Slot is a fun slot to play, given its very unusual design. The Chillin' Penguins are quite adorable. Although I must say that the Wild symbol's 10,000 payout is very attractive! I recommend you play Chillin' Penguins Slots at Bovada Casino.