Football Gladiators Slots

What do you get when you cross an ancient Roman gladiator with a sport in a Roman arena? Football! The introduction to this game is one of the best I've ever seen. It first gives you a wide angle shot of the stadium from above, with all the fans in their seats. The first gladiator to enter the stadium is #5. The rest of the Wild gladiators are then introduced. Wearing Roman costumes with numbers painted on the front and back of their bodies, the "football" is actually a brown Soccer ball. (Guess this is my day for reviewing Soccer Slots). The video presentation is in 3D and it is awesome!

About the Game

The introduction to the game also tells us that when you get 2 Coliseums, you will either win the Battle or the Chariot Race Feature. Now I'm excited. It also tells you that you can win 100,000 playing this game as well. Are you excited yet? Accompanying these four men are ancient tigers, lions, and leopards. You have to love the spiked collars a few are wearing, while the others have armor and spiked armor on their bodies. They are all held with chains by these four men. At the bottom left former of the slot, you will find 3 lines. These are indicators of the following: Intro Screen and Animations, which you can either turn on or off; the next icon refers to Fast Spin, Spacebar Spin, and Auto Play; the next icon is for game sounds and background sounds; the next is the Pay table information; the next is the Question Mark where the rules of the game are presented; and the last icon is the Bank Settings. The only thing that really spoils this game is the card symbols.

The Four Gladiators

First, let me introduce the four gladiators. There is Andrea Pirlo, number 21; Robin Van Persie, number 20; Rio Ferdinand, number 5; and Toni Kroos, number 18. Before the games begin, you will be asked to choose one of the Gladiators. I chose #5. Then the slot game appears and #5 is standing to the left of the slot, and his wild animal is to the right of the slot. Note that at the top right of the slot you can always re-select another player.

Playing the Game

The highest wild symbol is #20, Robin Van Persie. He will substitute for all regular symbols except the bonus symbols to form winning combinations. The highest Wild symbols will appear on reels 1 to 5. Get all five of #20 to win 1000 coins. When the Arena Bonus symbol appears twice on the reels, you will be awarded either the Chariot Race Bonus Feature or the Battle Bonus Feature. The Arena Bonus symbol appears on reels 2 and 4.

The Chariot Race Bonus Feature

This is an interactive feature in which footballers race against the Dark Knight on different chariot racetracks that will reward different combinations of free spins and multipliers. You can choose to compete on a small, medium, or large track with rewards ranging from 7 free spins with a 5xs multiplier(small track) to 15 free spins with a 2xs multiplier (large track). When the race commences, if your pick is in the lead, the bonus multiplier will be applied to your winnings. Read more about this feature in the pay table.

Battle Bonus Feature

In this feature, footballers will be pitted against beasts. These huge beasts came out after the introduction of the footballers. Your task is to choose the beast your footballer will go up against. Each beast offers a different level of difficulty and rewards. The footballers will only receive ONE turn to go up against these beasts. When your footballer hits the beast, high rewards will be given. Again, please read the pay table about this feature to successfully defeat these beasts.

Did I Win the Battle?

Let's just say my guy was a hit! So get into the ancient Roman mindset and play this fabulous slot game.