The Haunted Carnival Slots

The Haunted Carnival has various performers and acts, as shown in the introduction. The acts on view change every ten spins and trigger these features: The Witch and Broom act as Wilds, the Skeleton and His Bones give Free Spins, the Pumpkinhead is Wild, and Awards Free Spins, the Mummy and His Bandages award Multipliers, and the Clown and Her Balloons reveals Mystery Boxes.

Slot Game Developer

The provider is Nucleus Gaming.

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The Theme

The Haunted Carnival is a Horror theme-based slot.

The Design

Upon the first view of the slot game, the symbols are not exactly what the reviewer expected. But after a few spins, it all came together. The character's items show up throughout the game before the spin. When a player spins, the space becomes the performers (their faces at least). For example, when we see the Mummy's bandages symbol, the space changes to the Mummy's face. Brilliant designing, in this reviewer's opinion.

Type of Slot Game

The Haunted Carnival is a 5-reel bonus video slot.

Number of Paylines

There are 50 pay lines in this game.

Betting Options

The betting options range from 10 cents to $40 max per spin. Use the up and down arrows to place your bets. The Haunted Carnival is another slot ideal for new online slot players.

Paytable Location

Click on the small I at the bottom of the slot to access the paytable.

Bonus Features with Free Spins

  • Here is a feature that players will enjoy. A box showing a performer's name with a number next to it is to the left of the slot. To the right is a Multiplier. The multiplier goes up one at a time with every winning combination, while the number next to the performer goes down one at a time. The number begins at 10.
  • The Explanation
  • Every ten spins, a new act is featured at the Carnival. Each performer has special abilities that affect gameplay. Performers are randomly chosen, and no performer will appear multiple times in a row.
  • The Witch and the Broom
  • Every witch or broom symbol that occurs will be marked for all ten spins on the reels. The witch's cauldron transforms marked spaces into Wild symbols on round ten.
  • The Clown and Balloons
  • The exact process for the Clown occurs. On the 10th spin, however, every marked space becomes a Mystery Box throughout the Clown's antics. The path between the Mystery Boxes on the reels will also become Mystery Boxes. Then will transform into a single random non-Wild symbol.
  • The Skeleton and the Bones
  • When the Skeleton or bone appears on the reels, the counter increases by one. On the 10th spin, the macabre maracas player will award free spins equal to the number on the counter.
  • The Mummy and Bandages
  • During the Mummy's act, each Mummy or bandage appearing on the reels increases the multiplier. The final multiplier number will payout on the 10th spin.
  • Pumpkinhead, Master of Ceremonies
  • The pumpkinhead can mimic the acts of the other performers. Who would have thought? In any configuration, he is the Wild symbol. He will award the player ten free spins when he appears in a 4-symbol tall manner. But, and there's always a but, the other four performers must appear on the reels when Mr. Pumpkinhead does.

Free Spins: How They are Determined

  • Players will receive rewards when the Pumpkinhead appears with:
  • The Witch = 5+ Wilds anywhere on the reels.
  • The Clown = 5+ symbols anywhere on the reels turn into Mystery symbols.
  • The Mummy = Pumpkinhead gives a large multiplier to the spin.
  • The Skeleton = A random number of additional Respins.

Return to Player

The Return to Player is 96%.

Players Rate The Haunted Carnival Slots

Players have given this game a popularity score of 5.

Slot Game Winners

There have been several winners playing The Haunted Carnival Slots.

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The Haunted Carnival Slots is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices.