Journey of the Monkey King Slots

As titles go, this one certainly does catch your attention, doesn’t it? Journey of the Monkey King looks equally impressive too, appearing in red and gold over a hint of a mountainous landscape. There is certainly a major journey about to happen here.

But will you journey toward some prizes or fail in the attempt? Don’t play Journey of the Monkey King slots until you know more about them with our help.

Developer details

We can reveal that the game comes from Probability Jones, a wonderful name for a slot developer, wouldn’t you say?

You should be able to play a demo

The game comes with a demo version that ought to appear inside most casinos offering this title.

Do we know more about the theme?

Well, it involves a monkey king on a journey, so we guess that is about all we can tell you of the game until you put it to the test.

Boosted by a glorious design

The design for this slot game certainly offers plenty of impressive details. When the game begins, the reels occupy most of the screen, with clear controls and large icons appearing throughout. It’s sharp too, with no fuzzy graphics involved.

Let’s play Journey of the Monkey King

The game offers five reels of symbols, three of them landing on every reel. It doesn’t have any progressive jackpots, but the paytable does reveal lots of potential for matching the relevant symbols.

The wild is the monkey king of the title, handily appearing with WILD in Oriental-style lettering beneath. Also available is a scroll labeled as the SCATTER. This can appear on the odd-numbered reels of the game. You might also see a BONUS symbol, appearing in the guise of a palace in red, green, and gold.

Available paylines

There are 25 of them in this slot game.

Choose your bets

The game does give you a series of coin values, so you can sort through them to find out which one fits your requirements in Journey of the Monkey King.

It also comes with a paytable

And this is the best place to look when you load the game for the first time. You can see where the better prizes are and which icons to watch for.

The slot does offer a bonus symbol

If you’re eager to find out what happens if you find three of these symbols on the reels, you’ll soon see. You can play a simple pick me bonus to reveal cash prizes before going back to the base game. You’ll see lots of treasure chests on a different screen in this bonus, and you’re invited to choose 10 to see what’s inside.

Free spins revealed by the scroll

Or should we say scrolls, as you do need to find one of them on each of the first, third, and fifth reels. You’ll receive some free spins that include more wilds than you get in the base game, along with 2x the usual value on every prize you find.

RTP for this slot game

We don’t have an answer for you here, as very little is known about the game beyond the basics that we have given you.

Our rating for Journey of the Monkey King

The game is entertaining, and it is nice to see a bonus there along with the free game round. It doesn’t offer anything new though, only a better mix of features along with beautiful graphics. For that we can given it 8 out of 10 points.

No jackpot winners in this game

No, but the paytable does reveal a pleasing mix of prizes for the royal icons and the ones that bear a greater connection to the story in the game.

Would you try this one just for entertainment?

You should if you’re curious to see how it works, as this is a safe way to explore the game in more detail.

Check your bets before you play the real thing

Journey of the Monkey King is appealing in lots of ways, but it won’t be ideal for all players. The best way to work out whether the real thing suits you in terms of value and affordability is to try it first, then work out the bet you’re willing to make on each spin.

You can also play this one on mobile

Go out on a journey with this slot today, and enjoy the experience on touchscreen devices using iOS or Android.